”Mexican beans and rice”


I suspect this is an utter travesty of a name for people who eat genuine Mexican beans and rice! This is becoming  a bit of a ‘go to’ staple for us on school nights. I basically heat up some olive oil in a pan, then mix cooked boiled rice with diced onions, celery, yellow peppers and a tin of red kidney beans. Cook it until warm and the vegetables are tender. For Baby-Gusto I take a portion out, then with the remaining add chilli, a teaspoon of cumin, chopped parsley, salt and the juice of a lime. This we eat with corn on the cob, warmed tortilla wraps, broccoli and sliced avocado.

B-G loves it. He likes to pick at the rice and beans at a leisurely pace. This evening I said he could have pudding when he was finished and he said ‘I am still eating my broccoli’. I am hoping against hope this means his fussy phase is over!

All too organic

All too organic

Hidden Veg Hummus – brussel sprouts.


Baby-Gusto does not actually realise that hummus does not form its own food group. Lucky for me, even when he is being a food refuser I can still get hummus and cucumber sticks down him. Today I made a hummus in which I added baby brussel sprouts, and because we are out of tahini paste I used pumpkin seed butter. It tastes fantastic, mild, creamy. I omitted cumin and other spices as this was really designed for B-G, but those would definitely add something extra too.

1 can chickpeas drained

1 cup of frozen baby brussel sprouts, thawed

Juice of 1 lemon

1 tablespoon pumpkin seed butter or tahini

salt and pepper to taste

100 ml olive oil

50 mls water

Blend all ingredients and serve as a sandwich spread, for dipping or as a topping for hamburgers. I was quite pleased with this. More to the point, B-G hovered it up. Husband -Gusto goes a nasty shade of grey when he sees brussel sprouts, but I think I might manage to get this past him too.

Asian Salmon

I plan to return to blogging soon, but in the meantime, a favourite post from 2012…

The conversation in the Gusto Household this evening went something like this;

E-Gusta:                 I am going to cook Asian Salmon tonight

Husband- Gusto:    Great! I love your Asian salmon!

E-G :                      Well, it is for the blog really.

H-G :                      Great!


H-G :                      I think you should julienne the ginger rather than just slice it.

E-G:                      [silence]

H-G:                      Well, I think it would look better in the photos. For your blog

E-G:                      Okay

                   .. a little while later…

E-G:                     Okay, you can julienne the ginger, you are better at it than me

E-G  (again):       STOP! I have to take a photo!

H-G:                    [sigh.]

H-G:                    I really think you should put some of the ginger on the side, not  on the top of the salmon

E-G:                  Whose blog is this?!

H-G:                  [silence]

E-G:                  [silence]

E-G:                  [Adds soy sauce, sweet chilli sauce and ginger to salmon. Folds salmon into foil parcels. Cooks in oven at 200 degrees Celsius for 17 minutes]

H-G:                  [silence]

E- G :                [sips wine]

Oven Timer :       *DING*

Baby-Gusto:       Dinner! Dinner! Yum!

Photos. (Note- ginger on top).

Asian Salmon with asparagus and rice