Daily Menu – Thursday

Cheese and tomato on toast. When it comes to cheese on toast, for me the highly-processed cheese slices that come wrapped in plastic are where it’s at.

Dinner was Italian ‘Polpette’ meatball and pasta soup. This is one of my favourite mid-week suppers and goes down a treat with the family.It is very quick too if I buy pre-made meatballs. Slice onion, dice garlic,carrots,celery and zucchini,brown all. Add meatballs an brown, add a jar of pasta sauce or passata and a cup of red wine and simmer for 45minutes or so until the soup is thick,deeply flavoured. Before serving, throw in a few handfuls of spiral pasta and cook. Baby-G has his with garlic bread. We find the soup on it’s own is enough.

I always make enough for leftovers the next day.


Fish stew

I made this up on the hoof. It was a dark and stormy night, we were back late from school and although I wanted to cook something fast, I wanted it to be a bit special for our weekend guests. A thick, warming fish stew seemed to fit the bill. Served with crusty bread and butter.

I sliced 1 medium brown onion, crushed two garlic cloves and sliced 2 sticks of celery. Added these to a thick casserole dish with a bit of olive oil and sauteed. I then added small diced potato (about two large baking potatoes, a tablespoon of mixed herbs,a tin of chopped tomatoes and a jar of herb pasta sauce. I simmered all this on low for about 30 minutes.

When the veg were all cooked through, I added 2 filets of salmon I had diced into cubes, 3 filets of cod, a pack of frozen prawns and some mussels I found pre-cooked and vacuum-packed at Aldi. I heated this all through until the fish was cooked, and served.

It was LOVELY. And I am planning to repeat it very soon.

Button squash

I was beyond excited when I saw these squash for sale this week.

In the UK they are apparently known as patty pan squash, in Australia they are known as button squash. Husband-Gusto had never had these before. I bought the entire load available, and last night just steamed them. H-G adored the flavour, and tonight I again steamed them, let them cool then sliced thinly. I drizzled olive oil and lemon juice over the squash, added some dollops of ricotta and sliced mint and this made a really glorious side dish to our meal.

I was really pleased with how this worked out. If I can persuade H-G to let me have raised vegetable beds in our garden (or in his new courtyard) then I could grow these and life would be near complete.


Summer meals

Strawberries, cherries and canteloupe with yoghurt, honey, cocoa powder and pumpkin seeds.

‘Blackened’ sesame tofu steaks with salad. The tofu was not meant to be ‘blackened’ but I got distracted, and as ‘blackened’ or ‘charred’ whatever is often to be seen on restaurant menus I figured this fit in nicely.

I cut firm tofu into half, then give it an ‘egg wash’ and dip it in seasoned flour. Then I rolled it in sesame seeds and cooked in olive oil. Very tasty indeed with a little bit of chilli sauce on the side.