Day Off – Part1

It is half term and our lovely childminder is on the Mainland today. So I have taken the chance to have a day off and we spent it gloriously. The day started with an early morning dog walk in our local park and churchyard.

Old trees. Old graves. I really love walking in the churchyards in England. The old lichen covered gravestones are so beautiful.

Cappucino and a Florentine in Bembridge

Blue house, yellow house, green house….

Very little boats

And lunch! At The Spinnaker, Bembridge

Very British Ham, egg and chips; French chicken terrine and Italian goats cheese and tapenade pasta.

Easy supper

It’s a week night. It is cold, damp and grey. (In England. Who would have thought…..). I¬†was coming down with a cold that would worsen with a vengeance overnight and see me at home the next day. My energy was AWOL and so H-G was tasked with heading to the Deli counter at the market and purchasing something nourishing, something delicious and something ever so slightly indulgent.

All I had to do was set the table and pick out my preferred tableware.

I went for my fun melamine healthy eating plates. These plates are meant to be a guide to portion control and I love using them (if not necessarily adhering to their template). I tipped out gorgeously coloured little packs of Greek salad and beetroot, apple and yoghurt salad.

Then added the meat and starch.

Maybe a little too much starch in the form of chunky chips … but beef patties, chips, salads and English mustard….. easy. No fuss. Popular with all the family (vegetable patties were the order of the day for the vegetarians amongst us).

Less than an hour later the entire household was in bed…. while the wind howled outside and the creeping cold crept upon us.

Winter is here.

Pancake French Toast

This came about because we were on holiday and had leftover pancake mix from Day 3. The fridge was groaning with food that needed to be eaten up before leaving again and so I decided to combine the batter with regular French toast. It worked really well and made a lighter coating for the bread.

This was the batter

to which I added beaten egg

Then soak the slices of bread in the batter until fully sodden

A dollop of oil and butter in the pan

Gently cook the bread in the pan……. it is important to let the first side set a bit otherwise when you try and turn it over the bread falls into a mushy mess.

Again with the aim of using up leftovers I popped in some diced pineapple we had and cooked them through until syrupy and hot.

Topped with a dollop of set honey and voila! This worked really well, and it was not as eggy and cloying as regular French toast made with just beaten egg. The pancake batter (which was very thin and light to begin with- more a crepe batter) crisped up and made the dish very light and fluffy. Even Husband-Gusto who is not a fan of ‘eggy bread’ as his mother used to call it) thought it was a winner. It set us right up for a cold day visiting this glorious site below….Lindisfarne in Northumberland.