Meat and three veg – and some progress……

Husband-G’s plate was a massive plate of vegetables.

Meat and Three veg seems so retro in an age where a range of exotic meals are a daily staple.

Today was simple- sausages, cauliflower cheese, boiled potatoes and courgettes sauteed in butter and a bit of stock. I usually carpet the courgettes with herbs but could not be bothered and wanted to keep things simple for Baby-G.

This was a success! I have been trying to implement a technique in Karen Le Billon’s book ;French Kids Eat Everything’. The principle is that ‘you don’t have to eat it, but you DO have to taste it.’. We have been trying this for some weeks without any success really. Baby-G would tentatively put his lips to lick a bit of cauliflower cheese and would start to shake and shudder and retch. Today he without comment ate about 1/4 of a teeny florette..

He said he was not eating ‘cooked cucumber’ but when I told him it was actually courgette and it was delicious he without further fuss ate about 1/5 of a single slice. He ate half a potato. This seems to me to be a major breakthrough!!!!

Pudding was crepes with honey. A little bit of flax seed MAY have found it’s way in….


Wednesday Pasta

Hopefully a break-through of sorts with fussy fussy B-G. A simple pasta made with garlic, onions,diced chicken and a jarred pasta sauce. Mix in with a bit of cream cheese. I served peas on the side,but B-G had his plain. And he loved it.And he ate all of it. This NEVER happens and I was delighted! He has even asked to help me cook dinner tomorrow night and we have planned cheesy corn pancakes. Simple food, but hopefully food that will be savoured and enjoyed by a very fussy 9 year old.