Spring Supper

This was what we woke up to at 6 am this morning.

A sunny, but chilly day. So a light but nourishing spring supper was the order of the day. Minestrone, with crusty bread and butter, followed by grapes and cheese.

We also found some leftover Christmas crackers that we enjoyed pulling and reading the jokes.

Cheese and fruit

Followed by tea, chocolate and marzipan and prune biscuits.

Then candles out.

Salt, Sugar and Fat – The Life Scientific interview.

This was a fascinating interview on BBC Radio 4 with the eminent Professor Graham MacGregor and Dr Jim Al-Khalili. Professor MacGregor is an expert on salt in the diet, and has alot to say about salt, the requirements in our diets and the Food Industry. You can listen on BBC radio 4 catchup here. Also some interesting comments about rehydration and water. This is a UK-based programme, and I think it is accessible outside the UK.






Asparagus and butternut squash frittata

This was a very successful ‘clean out the fridge’ recipe. We had leftover butternut squash, asparagus, a single tablespoon of sour cream and some rapidly ageing eggs.

I thinly sliced the butter nut squash and put in salted boiling water for 5 minutes. Then I added the asparagus and boiled for a further five minutes. In the meantime I beat 5 eggs, added the tablespoon of sour cream and mixed well. I oiled an oven-proof dish with olive oil. When the vegetables were cooked I placed them into the dish, layered grated cheese on the top then poured in the egg mixture. This was all put into a pre-heated oven (200 degrees celsius) and cooked for about 20 minutes. I always have to turn the dish half way through as my oven does not heat evenly. It is cooked when a knife inserted into the middle reveals that the eggs are no longer runny.

We served this with a salad leaves and some sweet corn. It was a light and delicious supper. Leftovers the next morning eaten cold for breakfast were even better.

Despite the forecasts, it was a beautiful sunny spring day. My peppers are growing nicely in their pots.

Coq Au Riesling


This is a bit of a household favourite for a quick and easy meal. Unlike the more well-known Coq au vin which uses red wine, this uses Riesling. I tend to find using a whole bottle of white wine as prescribed is just a bit overwhelming so I cook the chicken in chicken stock and 180 ml of white wine instead.

I fry sliced onions, 2 cloves of garlic and diced celery in a bit of olive oil and butter.Then add a packet of pancetta cubes, diced carrots, and a box of button mushrooms. I then brown chicken thighs and drumsticks.


When this has all been gently cooking for 7-9 minutes or so I add a litre of chicken stock, the white wine, put on a lid and simmer gently until all cooked through. Once cooked I turn off the heat and let the dish cool. The flavours are better if it is made the day before or several hours before eating. When we are ready for dinner I heat it through, add two tablespoons of sour cream and serve with flat noodles and broccoli.

B-G really does not ‘do’ cooked carrots so he gets a rather more streamlined version.


This is just delicious and a bit of a hit (even without the carrots.)