Grandma Syrett’s New England Oyster Stuffing (as made by her son’s step god-daughter Rosy).


Our dear friend Rosy is a gifted writer and blogger and has years of experience inviting hordes of people to massive Thanksgiving meals. One mainstay is her now-famed oyster stuffing. Despite the name, the stuffing is not actually cooked inside the chicken or turkey, but is prepared in a pan and then baked in the oven alongside of it.  I have been agitating for some time for Rosy to share her recipe, because if you are not a vegetarian, this is truly one of the most extraordinary and unexpected dishes that you will come across. Combining smoked oysters, bacon and cream with rice does not sound like it will result in anything so heavenly. But the flavours come together in a way that is outstanding.

Rosy did not host a Thanksgiving meal this year but very kindly agreed to share her recipe with the Gustos this week. This can be served on it’s own with a salad, or alongside a roast.

Oyster stuffing
1 onion diced
1 or 2 garlic cloves,  diced
1 tin oysters john west in sunflower oil
I tablespoon Sunflower or canola oil.
Half pack lardons or six slices streaky bacon chopped into chunks
1 cup cooked white rice. (ready cook instant rice works well)
1 good handful of chopped flat leaf parsley.
3 tablespoons double or single cream

Heat oven to 180 degrees Celsius

Sauté garlic and onions in oil
Add lardons when onions softened
Add lots of cracked black pepper
Cook lardons until cooked through but are still pink.
Add the cooked rice

Stir mixture through the pan so that the oil coats the mixture lightly.
Open tin of oysters and put all the oysters and the oil into the mix. Leave the upturned tin on the top so all the oil can drip out. Keep stirring the mixture lightly so it does not stick.
Drink wine
Put half the bunch of chopped parsley into the mix
Add cream
Call coronary specialist
Stir through
Taste again
No, put the spoon away now
Season with more black pepper
Put the cream away into the fridge as you will need it for the pumpkin pie
Place mixture into an oven proof dish

This will take about 20 minutes in the oven until is lightly browned on top.

Then serve with turkey or chicken or just with a side salad
Drink more wine





This is even better the next day. Newbies to Rosy’s feasts tend to be unaware of just how good this stuffing is, and so bypass it. All the more for us.