Winter walks

It has been a cold and wet weekend. But as they say…there is no bad weather, just bad clothes and so I bundled up in my coat and boots and took the dog [who is well provided for in her own coat] and went for a couple of welcome walks. First to the woods.


We came across this magnificent bull. He was very interested in us and the dogs but we dared not venture too close, no matter how cuddly he looked.

This was about 9 oclock in the morning, and the morning was still dark.

Then we moved down to the beach. I love walking on the beach on cold and wintry days.

Sunday suppers in winter just lend themselves to simple, cosy and easy.

So we had chicken noodle soup with baguette and smoked Bavarian cheese followed by bananas with hot chocolate sauce.

Tea, a favourite tv show [below]  and then bed by 9 pm. A perfect Sunday.



This week.


Just some random pics and eats from the week. I went to Quarr Abbey with  a friend for afternoon tea. I am preparing a proper blog post but in the meantime.

DSC00950 DSC00951 DSC00952 DSC00961 DSC00959 DSC00958

Very good cheese scone with apple chutney.

A pirate festival at Ryde.

DSC00973 DSC00972 DSC00974

New tea-shop in Ryde, Hobbs.  Loved this decor


I also loved that a simple cup of herbal tea was not extortionate. Proper blog post coming soon on that score too.

Best ever supper – tomatos and cheese on toast.


30 Days Wild – Days 2-6 St Helens Isle of Wight


Baby-Gusto and I spent the past few days (and the tail-end of the half term break) at Nodes Point holiday camp on the Isle of Wight. The weather was magnificent, and it was the perfect place for our 30 Days Wild Challenge. I did not take the laptop with me- a challenge for both of us who seem to spend quite a bit of time surfing the interwebs – and the screen time break was quite simply wonderful.

Nodes Point is right on Duver beach in St Helens. It is a lovely little beach, sandy and with rocky outcrops that we took full advantage of for wildlife spotting.

DSC00850 DSC00852 DSC00853

When the tide was out the beach was very popular indeed!


DSC00914 DSC00921

We were delighted to meet these guys…..

DSC00862 DSC00864

and these …..



The beach was popular with riders…



And sailors….


Just a lovely spot to relax.

DSC00855 DSC00857 DSC00858 DSC00878

Near our caravan we spotted a red squirrel tying himself in knots


and a woodpecker looking for insects


Very enjoyable weekend, and it was just so much fun to play in the sea and sand.

30 Days Wild – Day 1

I am a member of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust and just love their magazine, their news and pretty much everything they do. I feel very lucky to live here on the Island, and we have such beautiful locations on our doorstep… downs, forests and of course the sea.

The Wilidlife trusts of the UK has a 30 Day Wild challenge where the aim is to do something ‘wild’ for every day in June. I have signed up and am really looking forward to spending time looking for minibeasts, playing on the seashore and just generally enjoying nature.

Today it was rainy and cold and so Baby-Gusto and I enjoyed watching a snail buffet.

DSC00832 DSC00833 DSC00834 DSC00835

It looks as if these are mostly garden snails, Helix Aspersa. It is widely distributed around Britain. Snails are herbivores and scavengers and our local population adore eating my hostas, leftover dog food and this lily bush. This bush flowers for about 20 minutes once a year but is stunning when it does flower….. and provides lots of lovely nourishment for our local snails every other day of the year!