English Summer Garden

Being Australian, it continues to amaze me that summer can be sunny, yet wet.And Green! Who knew that the colour of summer could be green? The colour of summer where I am from is the colour of palest straw. But not here. Here the colours of summer are verdant and vibrant.

It’s usually a mistake…..

… to go food shopping when hungry.

On this occasion it resulted in a 3 course- Monday night meal. Thankfully mostly created by Mr Waitrose.

Vegetable terrine with melba toast

Bratwurst, potato salad, beetroot salad and mustard

Chocolate trifle.

Groaning tummies were the order of the day.

Castle Cornet and Coco Mini Brasserie

A cold, mizzly sort of day and we visited Castle Cornet. This is the lighthouse warning hapless ships of the looming shores.

Castle Cornet

St Peter Port through the mizzle

Followed by an epic lunch of omelettes (crab and tarragon and vegetables); ciabiatta sandwiches and nutella waffles at the wonderful Coco Mini Brasserie