100 Adventures # 5 – A Paragliding Adventure.

Granted, this was not so much my adventure, but Husband-Gusto’s. But, what a magnificent day we had. He went paragliding with Butterfly Paragliding in Chale on the Isle of Wight. I sat in the glorious summer sun on the grass watching the scenery, seeing rabbits, buzzards and kites. Just wonderful.


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Store Cupboard Vegan – Punjaban Keema Curry with peppers and peas


I am unable to walk or drive for a few days as I have hurt my foot which makes putting weight on it almost unbearable. I am considering upping my cool-quotient by telling people I have had a kite-surfing accident, but actually truth is I tripped over the kitty litter tray while vacuuming. So, for this week we have taken the opportunity to go through our store cupboard and eat what we have on hand, rather than going shopping for new ingredients. Our larder has to be seen to be believed…… it is bursting at the seams.

In our larder was a jar of Keema Curry base by Punjaban. I bought this jar when there was a Punjaban stall at Cowes Week a year or so back. I was naturally attracted as the sauce was gluten, dairy and nut free. But since then the sauce has been sitting in our larder, lonely and desperate for affection. The sauce needs nothing but whatever protein you are adding…. traditionally keema curry uses minced meat. I would have added lentils or soy mince, but neither were to hand and so I simply added sliced red and green pepper, onion and green peas.



This was really delicious. Possibly the nicest and freshest bottled sauce base I have ever had. There are no fillers or bulking agents in the base, the ingredients are simply listed as follows; tomatoes, onions, rape seed oil, ginger, spices, lemon juice, fresh green chillies, salt, cumin seeds. That is it.  It was spicy, delicious, fresh tasting. I will certainly be trying Punjaban sauces again.


Red Pepper and Walnut pesto


I have started asking Baby-Gusto to look through my cookbooks and to choose what he would like for dinner in an attempt to get him interested in food and cooking.  So far this week we have had BBQ tofu skewers and mushroom pot pies. Today he chose spaghetti with ‘red sauce’. The sauce in question was a red pepper pesto. I adapted it to our tastes and omitted the parmesan cheese. Simply take a jar of marinated sweet red roasted peppers. Blend with half a cup of olive oil, a fresh raw garlic clove, a teaspoon of salt and 200 grams of walnuts. I also added a quick squitz of maple syrup (about two teaspoons) as the red peppers I chose were marinated in brine. Blend until smooth and leave for several hours for the flavours to develop. This was great with spaghetti but in the subsequent days I also used it as a delicious sandwich spread or lavishly smeared over crusty white bread with olives. Mmmmmm….. simple, so so so good.


This incredibly famous film is now 10 years old.I have never watched it, despite the well-deserved reviews and internet chatter about it, and I have still not watched it…… I could only get 15 minutes in before I could not bear any more. I am going to get to the end because it is an important film, and it tells a truth that I can’t ignore any more.

The footage is harrowing, so viewer discretion advised.

Random Reviews

Naked Juice



This ‘Superfood’ juice is delicious. It contains blueberries, blackberries, bananas and apples. It tastes fresh, fruity and delicious. Perfect for breakfast. Naked juices have a small but delicious range. I also tried the Green machine which contained green superfoods like spirulina and it also was delicious. Highly recommended, but at about 250 calories for a bottle, it is best considered as food rather than as a beverage.



I know I have been on the Island for too long when I burst with excitement at going to the Southampton West Quay shopping mall and food court! I did that yesterday and enjoyed lunch at Wagamama. I had the vegetable gyoza with dipping sauce. It was okay… the vegetables inside were a bit claggy, but the gyoza was freshly made and the dipping sauce was gorgeous.


I then had yasai cha han donburi which is a rice bowl with tofu and vegetables with Japanese pickles on the side.


This was quite tasty but I added extra chilli oil. My main criticism was that there was not nearly enough tofu!!!! I go a little crazy for tofu, so the four chunks or so left me wanting more.



Waitrose Vegetarian Lasagne.



This really was not too bad at all. There was plenty of soy mince and vegetables, with a good texture. There was a bit of an odd aftertaste, which may be the barley malt extract. Quite acceptable.