Lockdown takeaway- Coast

We have not had a meal from Coast via takeaway for all of Lockdown 3. But I could not resist a Sunday lunch this week as a treat. This was the roast beef and it came with a yorkshire pudding (unpictured). This was glorious. Roasted potatoes crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Gorgeous tender parsnips (I am not a fan of parsnips but these were perfection) and cabbage, green beans carrots. This was absolutely delicious and a huge portion easily shared between Baby-Gusto and I.

Husband-G had vegan pizza with vegan cheese, aubergine, sun dried tomatos mushrooms, courgettes and fresh basil. Oh and olives. Delicious!

Lockdown Afternoon Tea

Thursday – hot chocolate, cream slice and Victoria sponge. Conversation du jour centred around Baby-G’s current obsession of Roblox and the games he enjoys playing on it. (Adopt me, and one his best friend created using the app Roblox Studio). A busy school day today. With a brief interlude discussing plans for the half term next week (limited by lockdown). In English the children are studying Harry Potter and this has been very exciting. Today the children had to create their own street maps of all the shops in Diagon Alley. I have been telling Baby-G for some time that when he discovers Harry Potter he is going to LOVE it.

Lockdown lunches

It is becoming quite difficult thinking of varied and interesting lunches each day – and then remembering to make them. Today I went back to and old favourite. cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches and vegetables on the side with some ginger nut biscuits for added interest.

For myself I had what I think of as a traditional Australian egg and lettuce sandwich. In the UK egg mayo sandwiches tend to be made with cress only or sometimes tomato or even bacon. But rarely with the glorious and simple addition that is the ice berg lettuce. Today I introduced Husband-G to this culinary delight. He was enthusiastic.

Best wishes to everyone out there in these strange times.

For days when you just do not wish to cook but still want to eat

I had a trip to Waitrose today. It is one of my favourite places to shop and I only do this if |I am feeling particularly in funds. Today I did not wish to cook as it has been a very busy week. So i indulged with purchasing lovely edibles and we had what I call an European charcuterie platter’ but could equally just be categorised as ‘delicious and simple lazy day meals’.

Sour dough bread with Danish butter (aka Lurpak). Spanish tortilla. Prawns. German sausage, Italian mortadella, French epoisses cheese, Greek feta and English sun dried tomatoes and fresh cucumber. And avocado.

This was very good, and very satisfying.

Family meals- chicken pasta

I am always trying to get a decent meal and good and varied nutrients into Master Baby-Gusto. This was a partial success. Pasta with chicken pieces, in a very light tomato sauce and cheese with broccoli, grapes and apple. B-G dislikes tomato based pasta sauces generally so this time I experimented with using a tin of tomato soup. Not haute cuisine but it worked. He loved it and cleaned his plate.