Cowes Week 2018

It is Cowes Week again! (Or Lendy Cowes Week 2018 if I am to be accurate, because Lendy is the title sponsor this year).

This is my 14th consecutive Cowes Week, and it remains as fun and exciting as ever. It will be a quieter week this year as I am working through it and so we will not be attending as many of the cocktail parties, dinner parties and party parties as in previous years.

Friday night began as it usually does- with dinner and drinks in the Marina. This year the organisers are rightly trying to cut down on plastic waste and so we have reusable glasses for our Beer (Husband-Gusto) and my lemonade.

Not sure this is entirely getting into the spirit of cutting down on plastic however……

Dinner was at my annual favourite ‘Wok’s Happening’. Scallops with ginger and chilli (£10.50) and vegetarian chow mein. (£7.00, I think)

Sailing began on Saturday. The marina is such an exciting place to be, There are just hundreds of boats of all sizes getting ready for a day’s racing.

Baby-Gusto and I ate crepes for breakfast

I had a delicious crepe with spinach, mushrooms and egg (£5.00) and B-G had his favourite- faithful to Nutella. (£4.00)

They were delicious- crisp, light and paced with flavour.

Following this and for the first time since he was born I persuaded B-G to come out on the spectator boat. This was such fun, with the boat going out into the racing (while keeping a respectful distance of course!) and it is the perfect way to get out onto the water and to see the action.

The trip was rounded off by a fly past of planes of some sort!

We had a wonderful, but exhausting day. I really love Cowes Week. There is so much to see and do shoreside so if people are not sailors or sailing there is still loads of fun to be had. A festival by the sea in summer… what more can you want?!

Greek meals

We had a routine of sorting breakfasts and lunches ourselves then enjoying wonderful tavernas in the evening.

These views can’t be beaten!

Greek salad featured very heavily every single evening! The local olives were glorious, and indeed we could not resist bringing great jars back.

Baby-Gusto really enjoyed calamari…. and local Greek sausage and chips….

Vegetarian Husband-G would make a hearty meal of Greek salad and side dishes such as these delicious casseroled beans and tomatoes

This was my stand-out meal of the week…… cod baked with tomatos, marinated grapes, raisons, pinenuts and figs.

Occasionally we would share a mezze platter which invariably featured fried cheese

Mainly we just relaxed in small cafes by the sea!


Greek Holiday

It has been 4 years since the Family Gusto have had a summer holiday. Work, studying and exams have all meant that although we have been fortunate enough to take little trips here and there (Lapland at Christmas being a true highlight) we have not had a holiday in the sun for some time.

The English weather has been hot for some weeks, and it has been wonderful to enjoy. But it was with no small amount of enthusiasm that we jetted off to Greece for a week of quiet sunbathing, swimming and eating.

Breakfast at Gatwick before we went we tried a restaurant Wondertree. This was a hearty and delicious meal of tortillas, beans, salsa, topped with eggs avocado and chilli. Absolutely gorgeous.

A 4 hour flight and we arrived to this perfect vista

This was taken from our terrace balcony and was the view we had every morning at breakfast.

Dinner the first night we went to a taverna and gorged on dips and bread.

This platter had tzatziki, a red peper and feta dip, taramasalata and a wonderful aubergine dish that despite being a confirmed aubergine-hater I simply could not get enough of.

Breakfasts followed exactly the same routine every day. Greek yoghurt, honey, fresh bread and butter and fruit.

We usually had lunch at the apartment and it also would feature fresh bread, vegetables, cheese or fish


Olivo Ryde

Now that I am gainfully employed in a new job of some 4 months standing I am enjoying exploring new places to eat near my office. Olivo in Ryde is rapidly  becoming a favourite for those days where you want to eat with good colleagues, or meet with friends and family for a delicious- yet quick- mid-week bite.

Today a lovely colleague and I stole a full lunch hour and I enjoyed it immensely.

We had:

Chorizo and pepper toasted panini. This came with a luscious load of crispy sauteed potatoes and coleslaw

Panfried sea bass with asparagus and a scrumptious dill and lemon cream sauce

Both meals were fresh and delicious. Perfect!


Today was the perfect sort of day for an easy summer supper in the garden.

I bought a ready made frittata that just needed to be put in the oven

Then collected chives and parsley from the herb pots on the terrace….

Avocado and tomato salad

Beetroot salad (beetroot, sour cream and chives) cucumbers mixed with lemon juice and salt oven-roasted asparagus and frittata. Perfect, and easy.