Cowes Week 2018

It is Cowes Week again! (Or Lendy Cowes Week 2018 if I am to be accurate, because Lendy is the title sponsor this year).

This is my 14th consecutive Cowes Week, and it remains as fun and exciting as ever. It will be a quieter week this year as I am working through it and so we will not be attending as many of the cocktail parties, dinner parties and party parties as in previous years.

Friday night began as it usually does- with dinner and drinks in the Marina. This year the organisers are rightly trying to cut down on plastic waste and so we have reusable glasses for our Beer (Husband-Gusto) and my lemonade.

Not sure this is entirely getting into the spirit of cutting down on plastic however……

Dinner was at my annual favourite ‘Wok’s Happening’. Scallops with ginger and chilli (£10.50) and vegetarian chow mein. (£7.00, I think)

Sailing began on Saturday. The marina is such an exciting place to be, There are just hundreds of boats of all sizes getting ready for a day’s racing.

Baby-Gusto and I ate crepes for breakfast

I had a delicious crepe with spinach, mushrooms and egg (£5.00) and B-G had his favourite- faithful to Nutella. (£4.00)

They were delicious- crisp, light and paced with flavour.

Following this and for the first time since he was born I persuaded B-G to come out on the spectator boat. This was such fun, with the boat going out into the racing (while keeping a respectful distance of course!) and it is the perfect way to get out onto the water and to see the action.

The trip was rounded off by a fly past of planes of some sort!

We had a wonderful, but exhausting day. I really love Cowes Week. There is so much to see and do shoreside so if people are not sailors or sailing there is still loads of fun to be had. A festival by the sea in summer… what more can you want?!

Cowes Week 2016

It has been a rather quiet Cowes Week for us this year. I have exams coming up so am studying madly. We are without houseguests for the week, which is very unusual. But I have managed to get out and about a very little bit.


red funnel bringing people to Cowes.


breakfast from the pop-up creperie- crepes with honey and walnuts


The actual Boat ‘Swallow’ from the about-to-be-released film ‘Swallows and Amazons’


View of HRH Prince Philip’s Royal Yacht Galatea

DSC01263 DSC01264 DSC01267



Cowes Week Day 8 – Ryde.


Well, we are officially Cowes Week’d out. It has been a great week of parties parties. Lunches lunches. Walks walks. Sun, sailing and lots and lots of lovely Pimms.

Sigh. Great week, but today for the last day, after a terrific evening that featured the glorious Red Arrows and fireworks, today we decided to give the last day of festivities a big fat miss and went instead to Ryde. We spent hours playing on the beach, and at the park and had a picnic.


I also wandered in to Appley Tower and came out rather poorer (as did Mummy-Gusto who had to loan some funds- having bought H-G his birthday present. Appley Tower now is home to a rather impressive display of rocks, crystals and fossils.


Our picnic featured….

Egg and cress sandwiches

Cream cheese and olive sandwiches

ham, cheese and piccalilli sandwiches

chicken, tomato and cheese sandwiches

blueberries, grapes

Water and wine for those of us who were not driving.

Great final day to Cowes Week.

Oh- and ice cream.

Cowes Week Day 4. The Waterside.


Lunch today was good old pub grub at The Waterside. This was good value for money. The food was tasty, serviceable. Did the job. Not great food I would say, but decent, filling and the portions were ridiculously large.

Children’s fish fingers, served with beans or chips, or peas or potato faces. £4.50 including  a free drink.


Beans and Chips. £3.29.


Beer and Burger meal deal. £6.29


Chips and gravy. £ 3.39


Mix and Match Fish cakes -smoked haddock; thai cod and prawn and salmon and dill fish cakes. £6.59


beer and Burger – vegetable burger. A tasty patty filled with carrots, potato, corn and peas. When loaded with mayo, sauce and salad this was very tasty indeed. £6.29


A local barbershop quartet serenaded the High Street.


Cowes Week Day One

The rain has been threatening all morning, but so far (touch wood) has held off.

Lunch was taken here along the Parade.


and included…


I had the curried chickpea and red cabbage wrap…


My ‘dining companion’ as they say in all the best reviews had the steak sandwich with roasted peppers and onions….


Both meals were very good indeed. And at a cost of a mere £12.00 for the two meals,  which considering the size and the quality of ingredients was really outstanding.

I can already see that I shall be making a repeat visit this week.

And once again it is Cowes week.


I was originally going to title this post ‘How to Survive Cowes Week’ until I realised, that hand on heart- despite this being my 9th consecutive Cowes Week, they all end up for me the same way. With being totally exhausted. So rather than writing tips, I could just do with some.  Cowes week is such a highlight for us, and we revel in the sailing, the eating, the drinking, the renewing of friendships of people you only see once a year and just in general having a really good time. This year H-G and I are scheduled to party hard (early sailing starts permitting) as the Gusta Mother (M-Gusto?Mummy-Gusto?) is coming to visit in order to keep Baby-Gusto occupied while we go out and use and abuse her goodwill shamelessly.

H-G has been sailing in Cowes Week some 30 years, and has thousands of salty sea stories to tell. My favourite concerns when a new waitress at a party did not realise that Pimms was actually cut with lemonade, and used neat gin instead. Apparently next morning there were a number of collisions before about 20 boats decided en masse to retire. I do not sail, but I am a keen spectator, and adore the beauty of seeing hundreds of boats in the distance. (Just don’t suggest to a navigator that if they are not sure where to go, they could just ‘follow everyone else’ as I discovered the hard way my first year. )

So, for this food blog, there will be a heavy focus on food. And drink. And fun. I can only recommend that if you have a chance, drop by Cowes during a Cowes Week one year.

It’s really great fun.

Random eatings during Cowes week.

  1. Toast and Jam at The Octopus’s Garden

This was Baby-Gusto’s second breakfast of the day. He finished the lot. Plus a side of hash browns.


2. Scrambled egg on toast at The Octopus’s Garden.

For me. With white coffee. This hit the spot. I bought B-G’s toast, my eggs, a white coffee, a cake and hot chocolate and a cup of tea all for £11. Most satisfying.


3. Beef Rendang in the Yacht Haven at ‘Wok’s Happening’. I was a bit disappointed with this. I love Wok’s Happening, and usually eat their Thai prawn dish on repeat. I branched out to try the Beef Rendang. It was acceptable, but needed more mango chutney to give it taste. The advertised ‘naan’ bread was a microwaved pita. This is a great place to go during Cowes week- but I will revert to Thai prawn curry. That is really out of this world.

4. Bacon baguette from Tiffins. Tiffins has been in Cowes for yonks. People love it. Prices are good, servings are – well that is a dinner plate my baguette is resting on- and the food is fresh. Highly recommended.  Thanks to our friend Rosy who decided that turning up at 9 am on the final sailing day with Tiffins baguettes would be A. Good. Idea.

She was right.