48 Dinners- #4 -Frittata

This is always a good way to use up leftover vegetables without resorting to soup. (How I am so so tired of soup.)

I cooked up the veg that was in the fridge. Leeks, halved cherry tomatoes and quickly blanched asparagus.

Sprinkled with grated cheese

Then added 7 beaten eggs

Cooked and served with kale and potatoes.

Frittata is usually quick. 20 minutes in a hot but not too hot oven. Even better cold the next day for lunch.

48 Dinners- #2-Bratwurst

Authentic German Bratwurst.

Authentic English potatos for potato salad made with reasonably good mayonnaise and boiled eggs

Authentic picked beetroot for beetroot salad

Bratwurst with mustard, potato salad, beetroot salad, fresh tomatos and the greens that were wilting in the fridge (broccoli and spinach). A lovely meal that I began cooking at the bells of the 6.00 pm news and we sat down at the table at 6.30. That left a good portion of the evening free for the homework and laundry extravaganza that is a feature of our Wednesdays.