The Good Life- potatoes and peppers

I confess to a secret dream- that of living a bucolic life in a garden filled with flowers, herbs, my own vegetable plots and rescued former battery hens. We have a smallish space in our backyard that is mostly given over to lawn. H-G has a few fruit trees that are about to be planted, and a few years back we planted an English walnut sapling to take the place of a beautiful yet sadly deceased horse chestnut. But what I dream of are rows and rows of vegetables, fruits, and definitely my own chickens providing me with our own eggs.

This year I am determined to at least make some effort towards this dream and so today I planted some seed potatos and green and red peppers. Here they are before planting. We have had a difficult week with illness and stress and some gentle planting in the early spring afternoon sunshine was the best sort of medicine.