Friday Night Supper

A really simple and delicious supper, made all the more simple because half of it was made by someone else. The Food Hamper in Cowes who provide (among other things) homemade frozen meals and sides. I bought some of their artichoke gratin and it was really lovely. Marinated artichokes cooked with onions,loads of garlic, butter and cheese all put into the oven until hot and bubbling. A really unusual flavour but really delicious. We had this with steamed beans and carrots and a roasted chicken thigh that had been marinated in soya sauce and honey.

Followed by cheese and fruit

And because it was Friday, of course there had to be a bottle of wine.

I’m loving this Alcohol-free wine right now. All the taste, without the hangover. A perfect start to the weekend.


Button squash

I was beyond excited when I saw these squash for sale this week.

In the UK they are apparently known as patty pan squash, in Australia they are known as button squash. Husband-Gusto had never had these before. I bought the entire load available, and last night just steamed them. H-G adored the flavour, and tonight I again steamed them, let them cool then sliced thinly. I drizzled olive oil and lemon juice over the squash, added some dollops of ricotta and sliced mint and this made a really glorious side dish to our meal.

I was really pleased with how this worked out. If I can persuade H-G to let me have raised vegetable beds in our garden (or in his new courtyard) then I could grow these and life would be near complete.


Did someone say Bikini-body for summer…?

Well, not really, but we have been eating an awful lot of raw main meals this week. never hurts to try and cut down on unhealthy fats and the uptake of fresh fruit and veg has been great.


Lunch – Coleslaw lettuce wraps with mustard and maple syrup dressing.


Dinner- Raw chestnut mushrooms stuffed with spicy guacamole and cucumber, tomato and basil salad.



Melon, banana, strawberries and clementine.


Lettuce and avocado salad with mustard and maple syrup dressing.  I am just loving this dressing… it is just a tablespoon of dijon mustard, a tablespoon of maple syrup and the juice of half a lesson stirred vigorously. Mmmm…… simple and good.


This was a huge hit in our house. It was simply raw courgette ribbons topped with salsa. I chopped up raw tomatos, crushed one garlic clove, a tiny bit of diced onion and marinated it in olive oil, lemon juice ad fresh basil leaves for several hours. I then made the courgette ribbons by using the vegetable peeler added the salsa and scattered with walnuts. It was really very good indeed!




Radish salad.

This is by far my favourite way to eat radishes- which are a favoured vegetable. Thinly sliced radish, 1 crushed garlic clove, chopped spring onion, salt, pepper and a tablespoon of sour cream.  I do not know if this is an Eastern European dish, I just know that every time I saw this on a menu in Kiev I would order it.



Tomato salad

Tomato,olive oil, lemon juice and fresh basil. I often add chopped black olives and/or crumbled feta cheese.


Cucumber salad

Cucumber, olive oil, lemon juice and fresh mint. I am afraid today’s version was without mint due to an unfortunate mishap featuring one of our cats and a mis-timed leap onto the window sill.

Today we encouraged summer by having the first BBQ of the season. Grilled halloumi, pineapple and pepper skewers were a perfect match for the above.

Butter Bean and Avocado Spread


I find I get tired of hummus very quickly, and so am often looking for an alternative. Today I had a tin of butter beans, several rapidly ripening avocados and thought that combining the two would be rather nice to use in place of hummus, or margarine, or as a dip or as anything else really.


1 tin butter beans in water, drained and rinsed

1 medium sized avocado

1 tablespoon olive oil

juice of one lemon

1 teaspoon paprika (I used sweet as this is all I have, but hot might be nicer)

splash of water to allow for smooth blending

salt and pepper to taste

fresh parsley chopped on top.



This was quite okay. Very mild and creamy tasting. A recipe for tweaking.

* I mentioned this was a recipefor tweaking. H-Gusto tried it the next day and suggested more lemon and a bit of cumin. It lifted the taste right up. P1070286


Meat-free Monday- Ratatouille, roasted asparagus and walnut sauce


Ratatouille, crusty bread and white wine is a summer staple for us. Summer still seems to be a very long way off, but we thought we might hurry it along a bit.

This walnut sauce I usually use for steamed green beans. But we had a bunch of asparagus that needed eating. With crusty bread and butter or olive oil for spreading, plus a bottle of good french white, this was a delicious, meat-free Monday meal.


1 aubergine – diced

1 medium courgettes- diced

1.5 can tinned tomatoes with herbs

2 garlic cloves crushed

1/2 cup red wine

olive oil

salt and pepper to taste

sautee garlic and onion in oil. Add aubergine and courgette and sautee for 2-3 minutes. Add tinned tomatoes (I was doing the quick and easy version!) and simmer until cooked and vegetables tender.

Walnut sauce

1 cup walnuts

gloop of olive oil

squeeze of lemon

1 small bunch parsley finely chopped

1 garlic crushed

add ingredients to a blender, blend until a coarse paste. You may need to add water to make it more saucy. Gently heat and pour over top of roasted asparagus. As a variation, this sauce is also lovely if you add cream and stir through hot flat ribbon pasta.

Green Pepper and cashew dip


I hate green peppers. Absolutely hate them, with a pure hate.

And so these green peppers- bought in a fit of optimistic hopefulness- have been ignored until they have become wrinkly. I could not bring myself to throw them out and waste them, and hoped that H-G would oblige by eating them wholesale, but when that did not happen I had to do something with them.

Some years ago I made a delicious red pepper and cashew nut pesto. While rifling through the cupboards I came across cashews and thought it may be possible to re-create this, but as a dip for vegetables which are much more to my liking. The darned things were only going to be chucked anyway, so it was worth a try.

I put the peppers into a hot oven for 40 minutes, until they blackened.


Then I peeled off the skin and put the chopped  peppers into a plastic jug and added cashews.


This I blended with my trusty hand-held blender and added about 3 teaspoons of salt.


mmmm. Yum. No oil was added at any stage, so this was a gorgeous, yummy, healthy, dip. I ate this with carrots, cucumber and breadsticks. It will also be great tomorrow as a sandwich spread instead of mayonnaise.

I am not likely to become a fan of green peppers anytime soon… but if one must, then this is quite an acceptable way to eat them.