London Visits

Protecting the Tower of London

I have been back and forth to London for the past few weeks in order to undertake professional development courses. Wile spare time was limited, I did manage to get out and about a bit.

One day I went to the Tower Of London. My main aim (of course) was to see the Crown Jewels. But the Tower is very interesting if a little haunting. Hardly surprising considering it’s long and often brutal history.


View of the Tower

Traitor’s Gate is where the Tudors brought their prisoners to the Tower.


Traitor’s Gate

What I found fascinating about the Tower is that people still live there. About 100 people (Yeoman Wardens and their families) call the Tower their home today. They have their apartments or houses, they have their own doctor and their own little gardens. I found it amazing to think about what life might be like for them- and I wonder if they see the ghosts of executed prisoners walk across their grounds at night…..

Living Inside the Tower

Inside the walls.

Inside the Tower

Tower Bridge


Winter walks

It has been a cold and wet weekend. But as they say…there is no bad weather, just bad clothes and so I bundled up in my coat and boots and took the dog [who is well provided for in her own coat] and went for a couple of welcome walks. First to the woods.


We came across this magnificent bull. He was very interested in us and the dogs but we dared not venture too close, no matter how cuddly he looked.

This was about 9 oclock in the morning, and the morning was still dark.

Then we moved down to the beach. I love walking on the beach on cold and wintry days.

Sunday suppers in winter just lend themselves to simple, cosy and easy.

So we had chicken noodle soup with baguette and smoked Bavarian cheese followed by bananas with hot chocolate sauce.

Tea, a favourite tv show [below]  and then bed by 9 pm. A perfect Sunday.



100 Adventures #6 – River Cottage Part 3 – The Food

Baby courgette, red currant and home made ricotta salad


yellow split pea, potato and spinach curry.


Sauteed fresh beans and tomatos


summer soup


beetroot tarte tartin


The end of the day…… me feeling I would never be able to eat another meal again.


Gorgeous food. Gorgeous experience. Thanks to everyone at River Cottage!

100 Adventures #6: A River Cottage Adventure (Part 1)


My good friend Rosy and I shared a River Cottage Vegetarian Cooking Course Adventure at the Famous River Cottage. The day was just wonderful. River Cottage runs a number of courses, including cooking days, foraging on the coast for edible seaweeds and beekeeping.

We arrived at 9 am and parked at the top of the hill ready for a tractor ride to the cottage.



We were directed to a gorgeous converted barn to the cooking school



The Wondrous Rosy


We got a great position at the front of the room…..


Our breakfast…….. home-made sour dough eggy bread with River Cottage honey


Our wonderful, enthusiastic and gifted teacher Chef Andy.

……. more on our River Cottage adventure next post……….