Pumpkin curry



We tried the pumpkin curry from The Vegan Table by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau. I made a few changes according to our tastes… we used fresh diced pumpkin rather than canned, and yellow lentils instead of red for the bit of extra bite. I also used vegetable stock in the sauce and used light coconut milk. I was really pleasantly surprised with this, as I thought the main focus on pumpkin would be overwhelming but it was a really deep flavoured and delicious.

Served with brown rice, and kale sauteed in vegetable stock.






2 thoughts on “Pumpkin curry

    • Thanks! It was really good indeed. I can really recommend The Vegan table….. lovely pics, interesting recipes. That is one thing I really love about a plant-focused diet, I eat more widely and more adventurously…… pumpkin has never been a favored veg for me, this was just lovely and will certainly be a part of the regular rotation!


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