London Visits

Protecting the Tower of London

I have been back and forth to London for the past few weeks in order to undertake professional development courses. Wile spare time was limited, I did manage to get out and about a bit.

One day I went to the Tower Of London. My main aim (of course) was to see the Crown Jewels. But the Tower is very interesting if a little haunting. Hardly surprising considering it’s long and often brutal history.


View of the Tower

Traitor’s Gate is where the Tudors brought their prisoners to the Tower.


Traitor’s Gate

What I found fascinating about the Tower is that people still live there. About 100 people (Yeoman Wardens and their families) call the Tower their home today. They have their apartments or houses, they have their own doctor and their own little gardens. I found it amazing to think about what life might be like for them- and I wonder if they see the ghosts of executed prisoners walk across their grounds at night…..

Living Inside the Tower

Inside the walls.

Inside the Tower

Tower Bridge