Family Favourites -Creamy Savoury Crepes

This is a total blast from the past for me. A dish that my mother made that had a few variations- either creamy vegetable, creamy chicken and veg or creamy seafood crepes. Sometimes she would add a dollop of curry powder to the mixture (which is basically a bechemel sauce) to add a bit of spice.

If we ever had a roasted chicken for dinner, the leftovers would be turned into chicken crepes. If we had dinner guests the starter would often be seafood crepes. Savoury crepes for me remind me of home… of comforting winter dishes, where everything was right and cozy in the world.

I woke up this morning just knowing that we had to eat crepes for dinner. As it happens, we had leftover chicken from a dish I had made to be enjoyed with family who were visiting. I diced a good handful of the chicken, then sauteed diced celery,onion and carrot. The best veg to use is often the frozen mixed veg you can get pre-prepared. Then I made a simple bechemel sauce, just melted butter, a tablespoon of plan flour, adding milk and stirring hard until a sauce has been made. To this I added a handful of grated cheddar cheese and then set aside. I then made the crepes.Some years ago my parents presented me with a crepe pan that has the perfect recipe on the base. The first time I made crepes I made the mistake of adding ingredients while trying simultaneously to read the recipe by lifting the pan above me so I could read the bottom. Memorising the recipe helps avoid half-cooked crepes sliding off the pan at this point.

After making the crepes and setting them aside on kitchen paper to absorb the excess oil, I put two tablespoons of the mixture in the middle of the crepe and folded it. The crepes then had more cheese scattered over the top and then were baked in the oven at 180 degrees celsius for 20 minutes.

This was delicious with a side of broccoli.


The chicken and vegetable mixture.


perfect crepes – 2 eggs, 110 gm flour, 200 ml milk, 75 ml water, pinch of salt, knob of melted butter. Never fails. 🙂


A perfect pancake.


The filled crepes about to go into the oven.


The result. The pic does not really show how stuffed and creamy the filling is, but I was too keen to eat to take another one!