Butternut squash, mushroom and spinach lasagne

This is an easy supper,although not all that quick if you take stirring time into account. I made it even easier by buying pre-prepared butternut squash cubes that I tipped into a pan with some leftover chopped mushrooms and fresh spinach. I wilted this down then made an easy bechemel sauce with LOTS of grated nutmeg. Layer with bought lasagne sheets, top with grated cheddar cheese and cook in the oven on about 200 degrees celsius for 30 minutes or until bubbling. Served with a lovely fresh side salad.

This also keeps or freezes well. It can be frozen uncooked after preparing. if, unlike us, you have room in your freezer it makes a good dish to have on hand in case of unexpected visitors or just those days when you simply do not feel like cooking.

Ready to go into the oven

Not the prettiest picture, granted.But creamy and delicious.


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