French Family Food – an experiment Part 2


Avocado and tomato salad


Spicy prawn pasta


crackers, apples and cheddar


Caesar salad with anchovies and parmesan


Baked pork with grilled tomatos and peppers and pesto sauce (Pesto mixed with a little creme fraiche).


H-G and I had parmesan in the entree and so we skipped the cheese for the fruit and cheese course.

I made us a three course meal several times over a few weeks. In the end we decided we could not sustain it as a daily event, as I found it simply too labour-intensive thinking of 3 courses daily. Certainly at the weekends, or when we are less time-pressured we will make a point of eating multiple courses, but for every day we went back to our regular one course dinner. However we are definitely sticking with eating together at the dining room table. I have bought a lovely new table cloth, and set the table up daily with candles and flowers. It is a simple thing, but makes me very happy.


*** I am thinking that we will keep the fruit course as a pudding. We hardly eat puddings, but an extra serve of fruit is not going to hurt anyone.


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