Slow Saturday


The day started with an early morning dog-walk around our little town.


I then made up a strawberry compote using frozen strawberries. I use alot of frozen fruit,particularly in winter when berries come from who-knows-where and are exceptionally expensive. Most often I cook up the frozen fruit with a little bit of butter, some water and a teaspoon of sugar. This is then used in porridge, with Greek yoghurt and honey or just hot and with ice cream.


We had a light supper of Oeuf en cocotte (eggs baked in the oven) and toast. H-G had his with spinach and B-G and I had ours plain.


Following a relatively light meal I thought we were justified in having a pudding. Meringue nests with strawberry compote and fresh cream.


Happy Weekend everyone!


One thought on “Slow Saturday

  1. Hi, thanks for sharing some your experience. I never try this before I love fruits especially strawberry and I think I will try this one. Perfect for this coming valentines.


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