Mid-week suppers

I try very hard to make only one meal for all the family. However there are days when I just know that Baby-Gusto is not going to eat anything on offer and then I am usually scratching my head trying to think of something he will eat. Last night we had potato and spinach curry, and I needed something easy for B-G. I tried something I have never done before but looked easy enough… ham and cheese pinwheels.


These worked really well, and although are probably not too high in nutritional value at least made a change from cucumber and boiled rice which is what B-G would eat every day of his life if he could.

I used puff pastry, then spread it with a mix of mayo and tomato sauce. (I know, I know….. I should have used passata but this was meant to be quick and my energy levels were low). I then topped it with sliced ham….


and then cheese….


roll and slice



then bake in a medium – hot oven for about 15 minutes or so.

This went down very well with Baby-Gusto. Sometimes just getting food into them is a win.

On the other hand Husband-Gusto and I had the world’s quickest potato and spinach curry.


Just potatoes, carrots and onions simmered in light coconut milk with a tablespoon of curry powder. For the last 5 minutes or so spinach was stirred in. This was a bit too soupy and next time I will try a trick that one of my favourite bloggers Annika suggested of mashing half the potato. Annika is from Estonia and I love looking at her adventures and food.  Her potato curry recipe is here.



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