Frugal February – Tuna and Egg casserole



Yes, really.

This was another staple from my childhood that I just loved. I suspect that any Australian growing up in the 70s and early 80s had some version of tuna and egg casserole in their life. I cannot be sure, but guess it may have come from a Woman’s Weekly cookbook. It sounds bonkers, but here in the UK tuna and sweetcorn pasta bake is pretty common, and the component parts are really pretty similar.

From the larder

tinned tuna in brine

white flour


From the fridge

2 hard boiled eggs, sliced.



From other parts of the kitchen

1 medium onion diced

2 slices stale bread.

This is really simple. Sautee diced onions in butter then remove onions from the pan and set aside. Make an easy white sauce using butter, 1 tablespoon flour and milk as required. Add onions. Add tinned tuna in brine…. don’t drain all the brine… about half is needed for that true tuna flavour. Add sliced eggs and stir through. Serve hot over rice. I was doing the complicated version in that I topped it with homemade croutons using the diced stale bread which I pan fried in a little bit of leftover butter. The combination of creamy, salty sauce with crouton crunch cannot be beaten.

I plonked this down in front of Baby-Gusto and made no comment and provided no explanation as to what he was being presented with.  He hoovered it down with nary a whimper. Any meal that gets eaten is a good meal.




2 thoughts on “Frugal February – Tuna and Egg casserole

  1. I know I mustn’t knock what I haven’t tried but seriously?????? Although as a teen, I used to eat an egg, gherkin and avo combo thing which is an equally unlikely set of ingredients. Must do another blog post……


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