The Wight Mouse


The Wight Mouse is a fabulous pub in Chale, one of my favourite parts of the Island. The coast around Chale and Freshwater was famed for its shipwrecks and lies at the foot of St Catherine’s Down. I am mad for this part of the Island….. the beauty is spectacular. The Wight Mouse is a place we often take visitors to. It has a perfect seating area (and two children’s playgrounds) which is wonderful in the summer and the food is always, but always good.

View from the playground.


The bar area

DSC00520 DSC00519 DSC00518


Our little party enjoyed;

Mushroom carbonara £8.50


Aromatic Garden burger £9.95 filled with lentils, vegetables, peas and herbs


Chicken supreme with creamy leek sauce (This was on the specials board and I cannot recall the price)


Baby-Gusto relished the outdoor area.




Just a lovely way and lovely place to spend a weekend afternoon. The Wight Mouse is family-owned and very friendly. It is a big pub, but feels warm, cosy and intimate. Located only minutes from Blackgang Chine, a fun park dating from Victorian times, and a short drive from Freshwater and Tennyson Downs, one of my favourite walking spots. Highly recommended.







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