Christmas Leftovers- Pea and Pepper Tortilla



It has been some months since I have written. Just general life, study, work and family have all been intense, and so the blog has been sadly neglected. Added to that, I have lately simply lost inspiration where cooking was concerned. A recent purchase of Nigella’s Classic ‘How to Eat has reinvigorated me somewhat. Nigella is a wonderful food writer.

In as far as I do New Year’s Resolutions (aka.. not at all) I have made some very ambitious resolutions for the coming year. To run three  5km races. To not drink sauvignon blanc for an entire year. (in a never-ending bid to ahem…. get fit…… see resolution 1) and to have more adventures.

But in the meantime there is the joy of Christmas.  And Christmas – inevitably- means leftovers. I was much better with portion sizes this year, and so the only leftovers we had in abundance (apart from wine- see Resolution 2) were peas. Usually I make a bog standard pea soup, but even I am bored with that, so decided to make a lovely cheesy eggy vegetabley tortilla. This completely negated the whole principle of using up leftovers as I then had to buy eggs, peel and cook potatoes, sautee onions and red and yellow peppers. But I DID use up the peas, and as that was the aim of the exercise I was content. And cold tortilla with loads of salt is one of my favourite ever breakfasts.

This recipe was a ‘chuck it and see’. I peeled and sliced 4 medium sized potatoes and boiled then until they were cooked but firm. Then I sauteed 1 brown onion sliced into rings with red pepper and yellow pepper- half each. I greased an oven proof round dish with olive oil, poured in the vegetables, added the leftover peas, 4 beaten eggs and a great big handful of grated cheddar. This was cooked in the oven for 15 minutes on 180 degrees.

MUCH better when cold. I confess that in a moment of pure self-indulgent greed we ate it with bread sauce and cranberry sauce while watching The Snowman. Perfect Boxing Day entertainment.



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