London round-up

My Vegan MoFo posts have sadly been somewhat curtailed with real life getting in the way of my best laid plans (and hopes to post every day!).  However I have just spent a few days in London for work-related reasons and have absolutely relished meal after meal of glorious vegan food. The bank account has taken a bit of a beating (as it always does when I am on London and faced with so many options!) but I have eaten gloriously.

I failed to get a photo but Pret A Manger seem to have increased their veg sandwich range to include vegan options beyond the ubiquitous hummus and marinated peppers. A bit of a relief as I am sick to death of hummus. I ate a gorgeous wrap with avocado, salad leaves, basil and a sweet corn and bean salsa. Simple and very good.

I also finally tried out Itsu, a chain that does sushi and fresh salads. Lots of raw juices as well. I tried their vegetable dumplings and a ‘detox’ miso soup. DSC00316 DSC00317

Both dishes were perfectly respectable. I would have liked more spice and flavour so I added hot chilli sauce and soy.  A good  and satisfying lunch.

I also went to the Hare and Tortoise, which despite it’s name is not a pub but a fusion sort of diner featuring an array of sushi, Thai food, Malay food and so on. This is a real favourite of mine….. and is extremely popular. I have never been able to get a table straight off and have always had to wait. I tried the mock duck rolls made with tofu.


This was great. The pancakes were light and soft, the tofu was not too oily. The fresh cucumbers and Hoisin sauce all made this into a lovely fresh dish.

I also got my full tofu fix with a tofu and vegetable Ramen.


Absolutely gorgeous with three HUGE pieces of tofu. I LOVE that. I really like this dish and really like the Hare and Tortoise.





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