Red Pepper and Walnut pesto


I have started asking Baby-Gusto to look through my cookbooks and to choose what he would like for dinner in an attempt to get him interested in food and cooking.  So far this week we have had BBQ tofu skewers and mushroom pot pies. Today he chose spaghetti with ‘red sauce’. The sauce in question was a red pepper pesto. I adapted it to our tastes and omitted the parmesan cheese. Simply take a jar of marinated sweet red roasted peppers. Blend with half a cup of olive oil, a fresh raw garlic clove, a teaspoon of salt and 200 grams of walnuts. I also added a quick squitz of maple syrup (about two teaspoons) as the red peppers I chose were marinated in brine. Blend until smooth and leave for several hours for the flavours to develop. This was great with spaghetti but in the subsequent days I also used it as a delicious sandwich spread or lavishly smeared over crusty white bread with olives. Mmmmmm….. simple, so so so good.


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