Gnocchi Liguria



Some years ago I shared a flat with an Italian girl. The mix of introvert (me) and extrovert (her) meant that our household could be a little volatile, but by heck that girl could cook. She specialised in simple, pure classic Italian dishes that were simply out of this world. I learned from her how to make such delights as mushroom risotto, risotto with radicchio, and last night’s gorgeous supper dish, Gnocchi Liguria.

This is a perfect meal for when you do not have alot of time, or when you are feeling particularly tired. It cooks in approximately 8 minutes and all you need do is open a jar, a packet and boil some water.  Simply boil gnocchi according to packet instructions, add cooked green beans and basil pesto and scatter with pine nuts. Serve with salad. Sacla is my favourite maker of commercial pestos. They do both a vegetarian pesto (using vegetarian hard cheese) and a vegan version without any cheese.

In order to be truly authentic, any pasta with Liguria sauce ought to include boiled potatoes. I can never quite handle the double serving of carbs, so omitting them makes a lighter slightly fresher dish in my opinion.

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