Vereniki with potato


I was lucky enough to live and work in Kiev for a few years a decade ago. I absolutely loved Ukraine. The beauty of the countryside, and the glorious majesty of Kiev with its museums, its architecture and its churches made my time there one of the highlights of my life to date. While there I also fell in love with the cuisine. One of my favourite dishes was vereniki with potato. Vereniki can be filled with meat, cheese and onions for savoury dishes or sour cherries and other fruits for sweet dishes. On Shrove Tuesday I decided to make vereniki from scratch and told Baby-Gusto that they were ‘potato pillow pancakes’.

First I made the dough by mixing 2 cups white flour with half a cup of water and an egg. Once mixed and kneaded for several minutes I refrigerated it for 30 minutes.

While the dough was in the fridge, I boiled 1 large potato and when soft mashed it with a little bit of salt only. Then I diced one onion and cooked it until soft and brown in a mix of butter and sunflower oil.


After the dough had cooled, I rolled it out onto a floured surface, then cut out circles using the rim of a very handy champagne glass.


On each circle of dough I placed a blob of mashed potato.


I then rolled the dough over into half moons and crimped the edges shut with a fork.


Following this the vereniki were ready to be popped into a saucepan of salted boiling water. I boiled them for about 8 minutes until they rose to the surface. Then the vereniki were drained, and put into shallow bowls, topped with sour cream, the onion garnish and seasoned with salt and pepper.


I was delighted with how these turned out. Baby-Gusto wolfed his down, and Husband-Gusto had seconds.



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