100 Adventures #1. London


When you live on the Isle of Wight and only go to London for exams or work, to spend time as a tourist is indeed an adventure. I went to London to attend the leaving drinks for a good friend and former colleague, and with H-G’s blessing decided to make a trip of it. It was fabulous. First stop was the Disney shop on Oxford street.


Like every other 4 year old in the entire universe, Baby-Gusto is obsessed with the film ‘Frozen’.  So a little detour to the Disney shop to buy merchandise. Buying merchandise is something ELSE I swore I would never do when I was a parent. Hmmm.


Lunch was at Chop Chop opposite King’s Cross Station. When I worked near Euston this used to be a favourite lunch place…. this time I enjoyed Malaysian flat rice noodles with vegetables and LOTS of chilli.


St Pancras has now been finished and refurbished. What a gorgeous looking building!


The next morning I went off to the V&A museum. I have never been, and it was fabulous. First though was a stop off for breakfast at a cafe I stumbled across while waiting for the V&A to open.


This bills itself as a ‘Lebanese Canteen’ and I had possibly the best breakfast of my entire life.

Rose mint tea….


and the vegetarian cooked breakfast with eggs and sumac, hummus, halloumi,  mushrooms cooked with zatar and sumac fried potatoes.

This was incredible. It was so fresh, so tasty.



Then to the V&A. Where these glorious silver lions were waiting


and these scary looking faces.







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