Daily yoga


It is amazing to me that it has taken me just so long to really ‘get’ the wonders of the internet. I have a proud internet history. If anyone asks me anything, I will google it. Husband-Gusto and I keep a notebook beside the tv to write down random things that occur to us to google which we might forget later ; (The origin of the word ‘mews’. The weight of a red kite compared to a buzzard. The national dishes of Finland – I might have blogged about the last one.) I have been devouring food blogs since 2005 at least. Yet, for some years now it never really occurred to me that the magic of the interwebs would bring me – yoga. I have some (boring) chronic health problems relating to an accident two decades ago. And as I grow older (rising 41 anyone?) my body is noticeably deteriorating each day. I have tried to get to beginners yoga classes before, and the timing never works, or the location never works, or it just does not ‘work’.

So, why on earth has it taken me all this time to google ‘beginners yoga, you tube’?

At the weekend I did. And came across Tara Stiles. Her you tube channel has simple workouts that last about 9 minutes. They are ‘simple’ but not ‘easy’. Especially not for me who cannot touch my own toes. But after 4 daily sessions, I am already starting to feel better.

One day I will post a photo of an uber-bendy Gusta. That day is not today, but it will come, I know it.




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