Review – Waitrose sweet and savoury pumpkin and pine nut fiorelli

Baby-Gusto’s dinner last night, tossed in a little butter an with a smidge of grated cheese. These were very flavour-filled, rich and cheesy. The sage came through quite nicely. B-G ate all his dinner and his garlic bread and enjoyed it immensely which is good because he is going to have it again tomorrow. 🙂 I usually buy stuffed pastas to resort to for B-G when I am too tired to cook and am planning something pretty light for myself (vegemite sandwich. Shades of childhood). He does enjoy them, despite claiming yesterday to ‘not like’ pasta. Mind you, he was in a bit of a ‘not like’ mood last night- he was not too fond of mummy either after being wrestled into a bath.

And he ate the lot. And some of my sandwich too.

£2.99 at Waitrose. A good backstop. Can easily be dressed up by having a creamy or blue cheese sauce, a crisp green salad and a glass of pinot.–Pine-Nut-Waitrose/43008011


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