Interlude- Zen Zen coconut ice cream


Accepted wisdom in the Gusto household is that Baby-Gusto hates coconut. He refuses coconut water as a drink (nectar of the gods), refuses dessicated coconut on the raw chocolate truffles I very occasionally make. Refuses my vegetable, apple and coconut curry. Will not even tolerate the odd Bounty bar.

This, however, he wolfed down and asked for more. Gorgeous, delicious, unctuous, vegan coconut icecream made with 77% coconut milk.

Yum. Like Seriously Yum.



One thought on “Interlude- Zen Zen coconut ice cream

  1. my husband haaaates coconut in sweeter stuff. He’ll have something like a Thai green curry but a hint of coconut in anything else and he’s off and running. On the plus side I can make coconut biscuity kinds of things and get them all the myself 🙂


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