Kid-Friendly Veg*an Meal Appeal!



An appeal to bloggers, readers and friends. 🙂 I am all out of inspiration for kid-friendly healthy vegetarian and vegan meals. Baby-Gusto is going through another picky phase and I am tired of making him pasta with hidden veg.

I would love some of your stock, go-to recipes that are beloved by your families- particularly small children. 🙂 With your permission I will be posting the recipes, photos and results here.





One thought on “Kid-Friendly Veg*an Meal Appeal!

  1. Hi E-Gusto,

    You already have my cashew nut burghers recipe which is very adaptable and is pretty tasty with mashed and lightly buttered sprouts, or other green veg in the burgher. Most children like burghers and small ones for baby gusto, which can be shaped into moons if you like should be enjoyable plus protein rich.

    Spinach is also very useful for disguising with soy sauce or a packet of black bean sauce and very yummy that way (or any way as far as I am concerned)

    Bright Blessings
    Paul x
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