Porkkanalaatikko- Finnish Carrot Casserole



This is a traditional Finnish dish served with the main course as part of a Christmas feast. I cooked this as a part of our Easter feast and as a replacement for my more usual potato dauphinoise.  This was tasty, new and gorgeously rich with cream and eggs.  Husband-Gusto declared it a keeper. It was incredibly easy, and I think would be perfect as a regular part of a heavier celebration type meal such as a Sunday roast.

I read many variations of this dish. Some were very sweet, featuring the addition of brown sugar, and others were more savoury such as this version I cooked.  I followed a recipe provided by Peggy from Cake Crumbs and Beach Sand, a food blogger (and more!) from Perth.  The original recipe is below. The only thing I deviated from is I grated nutmeg on the top before layering with the bread crumbs. This is a great recipe. I really recommend it.


Oh… and the fabulous ceramic measuring cup in the first photo containing the cream was from another favourite blogger.




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