Zucchini Cake


I loved zucchini cake when I was growing up. Looking with some confusion and a lack of inspiration at two ancient and bendy zucchinis this week I thought zucchini cake would be perfect for them. I scoured the web for a nice recipe and came up with a recipe from Paul Hollywood.

The recipe makes two loaves, which I did not want so I set about halving the proportions. That resulted in a dry crumbly mixture, so I added egg number 3 and a bit more oil. Then it was a bit too liquidy so I tossed in some more flour. In the end I thought that I had stuffed the whole thing up, so would throw it in the oven and see what happened. Considering my anarchic approach, I was surprised that such a lovely light, tasty cake came out of the oven!

I made no notes of any of the measurements I used as it was all a bit of guesswork. So I post instead the link to the recipe I should have followed.




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