Sweet potato, lentil and coconut curry


Procrastinating madly and reading the various online papers instead of doing exam revision, I read this article in The Telegraph, which immediately caught my attention.


Naturally, given my own hobby of blogging and given my own increasing inclination towards vegetarian and vegan eating, this article fascinated me. One particular dish caught my eye and never one to sit back I shot off an e-mail to Ella and asked if I could  blog her recipe. Ella very kindly wrote back, and so Friday night we tried her sweet potato, lentil and coconut curry.

Mmmmm….. it was lovely. We tweaked it a bit according to our own personal likes…. I added quite a lot of lemon juice and natural yoghurt. Husband-Gusto has a thing about cinnamon being an integral ingredient to any dish with sweet potato in it, but at its core we followed Ella’s recipe to the letter. Her recipe can be found here:


The flavour was deep and comforting. We halved the quantities and still had enough for the next night. We both agreed that this dish was lovely enough to become a part of our regular rotation. Plus it is so easy. A bit of chopping, a bit of dicing and an hour in the oven. Perfect!

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