Saffron, Cowes


The best evenings with friends in my opinion are casual and relaxed. Sunday night was a perfect example for us. Our friend Rosy dropped in late afternoon for a ‘sundowner’. This turned into a suggestion that we have Indian takeaway on the sofa, chat and watch bad Sunday night telly. My idea of heaven.

We have three good Indian restaurants in Cowes. Saffron was the choice of the night. They offer a truly tasty vegetarian platter where you choose three vegetarian dishes from the menu.

We chose;

Onion bhaji – £2.95

Sag Paneer – £5.95

Aloo Gobi – £5.95

Chana Masala – £5.95

Plus pilau rice and a chapatti.

3 hungry adults, and there were enough for seconds. It was delicious. I am not the biggest fan of spinach OR cheese, but the sag paneer is my favourite. I really loved this meal, and made even better by the terrific company. Considering the Cowes High Street was flooded on Friday night and Saturday saw the shops and restaurants on that side of the road having vast quantities of water being pumped out of them, to be open for business and to provide a gorgeous meal just a day later was pretty impressive.


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