Moocow again





Husband-Gusto and I very rarely go out, and almost never during the day. But today we got a few hours to ourselves and decided to return to Moocow. At least. H-G had never been there, and I have not either for a very many months.

We thought it would not be busy at 13.00 on a Winter Saturday, but it filled up very quickly and by 14.00 the place was packed. People were waiting at the bar for a table. The Moocow team cook the food on site, so it was a bit of a wait, but the food was as I remember it from last time- fresh, tasty, interesting.

Fried risotto balls with pecorino cheese – £5.95

Chickpea, onion, pepper, feta side salad – £3.50

Rosemary lamb strips with ratatouille – £7.95

Aubergine and halloumi vegetable stack – £6.95.

The portion sizes were good in that we felt full, and on the point of being stuffed. The service is cheerful and friendly. The risotto balls had a little kick of spice. The lamb, with an addition of salt was tender and tasty. The ratatouille had butternut squash in it, which for me was a welcome addition. Moocow feels on the right side of a slightly special place. This is not a place to go if you are in a hurry, the best way to experience it is to relax into it, have a drink or two (Minty Moo gin fizz, highly recommended) and wait for your meals to emerge. The team were rushed off their feet with a full house, but as they are cooking right there to order, that seemed not too unreasonable.


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