Christmas – Christmas Eve


Rice krispy house courtesy;



Sausage and chestnut stuffing



Mix one pack sausage meat with a grated medium onion, a finely chopped celery rib a tablespoon of mixed herbs and two packs of chestnuts.


Fish pie.

2 fillets of cod

2 fillets of salmon

1 smoked haddock fillet

2 packs King prawns

6 hard boiled eggs, chopped

5-6 potatoes boiled and mashed.

place fish fillets into a saucepan containing cold milk. Bring milk to just below boiling, remove fillets and use the milk to make a white sauce.

Dice fillets into good sized chunks, removing any skin.

mix white sauce and fillets, top with king prawns and sliced boiled eggs and then top all of this with mashed potatoes. Put into an oven at 200 degrees for approximately 40 minutes until bubbling and serve with peas, green beans or broccoli.


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