Review- Eden Be Natural


Anyone who knows me knows I have a mad love for unguents. However I get bored with said unguents quickly, and my bathroom is filled with half-used and crusty pots.

I read about Eden Be Natural in a magazine and was interested to read that it is a new and small family company that uses only natural and organic ingredients. After a wander through their attractive website that includes information on skincare, their background, ethics and a blog, I purchased the Raspberry and Mandarin oil cleanser, a natural soap bar and a moisturiser designed for spot-prone skin. (Seriously, I’m 40, how do I still have spots?)

The price was good. Unguents tend to be expensive, and I think these products were very reasonable compared to brand name products. The team at Eden Be Natural advise that you use their products very sparingly at first ‘as a little goes a long way’. That is SO true. I started off by using the amount I would normally, and it is not necessary. A tiny drop of the oil cleanser works beautifully, and with the moisturiser, I just rub my fingers over the top of the pot (the cream is quite hard) and that suffices.

I have been using these products for about a week now, and am a fan. The products just seem to be really exceptional quality.  My skin feels alot smoother, almost liquidy, but not oily. I noticed yesterday that I am using less makeup than usual, as my skin does seem clearer and more even.  I was a bit wary at first of using an oil cleansing method as it seems so counter intuitive to add oil to oily skin, but I am a convert.  Another unexpected bonus was that I ordered one day, and received the items the very next day. This is unheard of, especially on the Island where even items sent first class seem to take days and days and days to arrive. (Royal Mail, I am glaring at You.) So, in short, I think I have found my new skincare range.

** PS- this review was not solicited by the company in any way. 

*** PPS – I know this is meant to be a food blog. 🙂


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