Barn Auction at Arreton Barns


Husband-Gusto loves the barn auctions held by Shanklin Auctions a couple of times a year. Held in the car park at Arreton Barns, a plethora of weird and wonderful things can be bought…. from saddles, to 40 year old motor scooters, to ancient drills. Yesterday I went along for the ride and had a great day.


I called this ‘Gnome Massacre’. And feel that Snow White is responsible in some way.


Loved this little chap.


I really wanted to take these chairs home to clean up and paint and put in our conservatory but H-G pointed out that we have quite enough crap already, and besides they went for £60.00



When I got bored I wandered into the wonderful Arreton Barns Farm Shop. What delights they have!




I went off with loot.


Chilli oil, fig relish and pumpkin chutney


Pear and apple crisps.

It was a really fun day.


3 thoughts on “Barn Auction at Arreton Barns

  1. The pumpkin chutney was absolutely lovely. We had it with spinach and red lentil dahl and i have used it since in sandwiches as well instead of margarine. It is gorgeous! I usually try a chutney and then leave it to fester in the fridge, but we have almost used it all up already!


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