Baby-Gusto and his Bees



Baby-Gusto has conceived a passion for bees. We are lucky to have a garden bed filled with lavenders and budlea, and this summer the bumble bees have been firmly in evidence. B-G loves to lean over the balcony and will stare at the bees for ages. I ask him ‘What are you doing?’ his reply; ‘Looking at the bees’.

So this week I bought him a Little Life Bee backpack. He loves it. He calls it ‘Taking my bees for a walk’. He carefully places his water and his dummy and occasionally his special toy in it, and we go wandering. I love it too, as it has a wrist strap that attaches to me. B-G is always so enthusiastically launching himself into the world that on more than one occasion I have had to do a dive to prevent him from launching himself into the path of a car.

So, we take his bees for a walk.


We go down to the Green and we buy ice cream.

It has been a rather lovely summer.


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