Cowes Week Day 8 – Ryde.


Well, we are officially Cowes Week’d out. It has been a great week of parties parties. Lunches lunches. Walks walks. Sun, sailing and lots and lots of lovely Pimms.

Sigh. Great week, but today for the last day, after a terrific evening that featured the glorious Red Arrows and fireworks, today we decided to give the last day of festivities a big fat miss and went instead to Ryde. We spent hours playing on the beach, and at the park and had a picnic.


I also wandered in to Appley Tower and came out rather poorer (as did Mummy-Gusto who had to loan some funds- having bought H-G his birthday present. Appley Tower now is home to a rather impressive display of rocks, crystals and fossils.


Our picnic featured….

Egg and cress sandwiches

Cream cheese and olive sandwiches

ham, cheese and piccalilli sandwiches

chicken, tomato and cheese sandwiches

blueberries, grapes

Water and wine for those of us who were not driving.

Great final day to Cowes Week.

Oh- and ice cream.

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