Cowes Week Day 4. The Waterside.


Lunch today was good old pub grub at The Waterside. This was good value for money. The food was tasty, serviceable. Did the job. Not great food I would say, but decent, filling and the portions were ridiculously large.

Children’s fish fingers, served with beans or chips, or peas or potato faces. £4.50 including  a free drink.


Beans and Chips. £3.29.


Beer and Burger meal deal. £6.29


Chips and gravy. £ 3.39


Mix and Match Fish cakes -smoked haddock; thai cod and prawn and salmon and dill fish cakes. £6.59


beer and Burger – vegetable burger. A tasty patty filled with carrots, potato, corn and peas. When loaded with mayo, sauce and salad this was very tasty indeed. £6.29


A local barbershop quartet serenaded the High Street.


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