And once again it is Cowes week.


I was originally going to title this post ‘How to Survive Cowes Week’ until I realised, that hand on heart- despite this being my 9th consecutive Cowes Week, they all end up for me the same way. With being totally exhausted. So rather than writing tips, I could just do with some.  Cowes week is such a highlight for us, and we revel in the sailing, the eating, the drinking, the renewing of friendships of people you only see once a year and just in general having a really good time. This year H-G and I are scheduled to party hard (early sailing starts permitting) as the Gusta Mother (M-Gusto?Mummy-Gusto?) is coming to visit in order to keep Baby-Gusto occupied while we go out and use and abuse her goodwill shamelessly.

H-G has been sailing in Cowes Week some 30 years, and has thousands of salty sea stories to tell. My favourite concerns when a new waitress at a party did not realise that Pimms was actually cut with lemonade, and used neat gin instead. Apparently next morning there were a number of collisions before about 20 boats decided en masse to retire. I do not sail, but I am a keen spectator, and adore the beauty of seeing hundreds of boats in the distance. (Just don’t suggest to a navigator that if they are not sure where to go, they could just ‘follow everyone else’ as I discovered the hard way my first year. )

So, for this food blog, there will be a heavy focus on food. And drink. And fun. I can only recommend that if you have a chance, drop by Cowes during a Cowes Week one year.

It’s really great fun.


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