‘Children’s Meals’ – Vegetable patties


I am not a big fan of the concept of ‘children’s meals’ as opposed to meals that everyone can eat, but B-G is being a vegetable-refuser lately. Unless it is baked beans or potatoes, it seems that a vegetable will not pass his lips… which is giving me the ‘opportunity’ [hmm] to experiment with a number of ways in which to get lovely vegetable goodness down him.

So today I made vegetable patties. I simply cooked potato, sweet potato, onions, celery and carrots and mashed them together when soft with butter and milk. I added a good handful of grated cheddar cheese, an egg to bind and let the mixture cool until quite firm in the refrigerator. Once cool I collected a handful of the mixture, shaped into patties, dipped again into egg and rolled in crushed cornflakes. The resulting patty was fried in vegetable oil and served with baked beans on the side.

B-G made a good attempt on it. The plate looks a little orange I’ll grant you!


One thought on “‘Children’s Meals’ – Vegetable patties

  1. hmm, I like the sound of this recipe…. definitely good enough for adults as well. May I add it to my list of requests for when I visit please ?


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