Tofu nuggets with BBQ sauce and vegetables.


I am a very serious fan of tofu, and am never happy if I have to go too many meals without it.

I was going to make tofu schnitzels today, but instead cubed the tofu, crumbed them (adding garlic salt into the crumb mixture for a variety) and then fried in canola oil. Then I added BBQ marinade from The Garlic Farm, which has become a new love, and B-G and I had this with stir-fried broccoli, carrots and corn on the side.

This was a really tasty meal. It nicely met my decadent comfort-eating needs (H-G is away for work and I miss him) without too much guilt. It was not low-fat, but the beauty of not eating animal products is that it is all no-cholesterol.

Baby-Gusto hoovered them down in front of Balamory on CBeebies, then went off for a contented nap.


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