MOOCOWS- a review


I have never been to MOOCOWS before. It is tucked away a bit near the ‘Sainsbury’s’ carpark and we tend to go to The Anchor always as they are baby-friendly and it is the ‘easy’ option. When my friend cowegirl suggested we try it for a post-easter girly lunch I was enthusiastic, but having heard mixed reviews, went with no real preconceptions.

I will say it outright. We had a GREAT time. Three happy women. Two cocktails. 4 glasses of wine (not each).


A gin fizz, made with gin, sugar, mint and prosecco. Heavens that was strong. And good.


Risotto balls with pecorino cheese and tomato and rocket salad. The vegetarian menu, while not extensive, was much bigger than most places in Cowes, and was very interesting and unusual.


This was billed as lamb kofta in pita. The consumer just moaned with delight.


Side salad of carrot with feta and moroccan spices. I am not a fan of carrots… but this was sublime.


Crab cakes with spicy chilli sauce. Oh, just YUM. It was ALL crab, no fillers or potato. Freshly made.


Aubergine and courgette tempura with garlic mayonnaise. Next time I go, I am getting 4 plates of this. Fresh, hot, not greasy.

We really enjoyed ourselves. It was not clear on the menu how to order, and you really need to order side dishes as well, otherwise you get exactly what it says on the menu. The dishes are like a cross between tapas and something bigger. I have heard complaints about the cost, and yes a dish plus side may work out to be slightly more expensive, but all in all I thought it was quite acceptable. The key issue though was that the food was so fresh, so tasty, cooked right in front of you. There are a very great many dishes on that menu I wish to try, so I will be going back.


2 gin  fizz – £15.00

chips – £3.95

small white wine – £3.75 (house wine- was lovely)

large white wine x 2 – £9.60 (the two of us on gin fizzes were so impressed by the white wine!)

risotto balls – £5.95

rocket salad – £3.50

kofte – £6.95

carrot salad – £3.50

crab cakes – £7.95

veg tempura – £5.00

coffee with cute cow motif – £2.65

total – £67.80

We did not manage to take photos of the decor, but it is a funky orange and black, which I initially thought would be a bit too much for my now-middle-aged self but was actually quite fun, and not at all intimidating. Try it. It’s worth it.

(PS- thanks to cowegirl who took all the photos as I forgot to bring my camera).


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