Green Pepper and cashew dip


I hate green peppers. Absolutely hate them, with a pure hate.

And so these green peppers- bought in a fit of optimistic hopefulness- have been ignored until they have become wrinkly. I could not bring myself to throw them out and waste them, and hoped that H-G would oblige by eating them wholesale, but when that did not happen I had to do something with them.

Some years ago I made a delicious red pepper and cashew nut pesto. While rifling through the cupboards I came across cashews and thought it may be possible to re-create this, but as a dip for vegetables which are much more to my liking. The darned things were only going to be chucked anyway, so it was worth a try.

I put the peppers into a hot oven for 40 minutes, until they blackened.


Then I peeled off the skin and put the chopped  peppers into a plastic jug and added cashews.


This I blended with my trusty hand-held blender and added about 3 teaspoons of salt.


mmmm. Yum. No oil was added at any stage, so this was a gorgeous, yummy, healthy, dip. I ate this with carrots, cucumber and breadsticks. It will also be great tomorrow as a sandwich spread instead of mayonnaise.

I am not likely to become a fan of green peppers anytime soon… but if one must, then this is quite an acceptable way to eat them.


6 thoughts on “Green Pepper and cashew dip

  1. This recipe sounds quite interesting. I presume that the cashews were raw and unsalted and that is why you added the salt. Is that correct? I will definitely try this as the end result looked terrific and could be used in many varied ways, so, once again thank you for something a little different from the norm!


  2. That sounds good for a confirmed GP hater. As I don’t suffer from the same misgivings let me offer an alternative way to use them up; slice them up thinly (about 1/10 of an inch) and fry them up in olive or grape oil together with onions and garlic. By the time the onions have fried the pepper bits will be soft and going black. Use the mixture as a base ingredient for casseroles and stews, or my favourite cashew nut burghers.


    • Oooh! That sounds very good indeed! Cashew burgers sound very good. I do chickpea burgers with chilli which are nice also… might be time to give those a try again soon.


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