The Duke Of York


In all the years I have been either coming to Cowes or living in Cowes I have only been in The Duke Of York pub twice, and both times for a glass of wine and never to eat. Finding myself with a few hours to spare this afternoon I thought I would go in for a light lunch.

The Duke of York is a cozy pub/restaurant. It is non-pretentious, fairly unassuming, and has a nice atmosphere. I did not want to sit in the restaurant part in isolated splendour so sat in saggy leather armchairs in the bar section. There were oodles of yachting magazines and the odd Daily Mail for lone diners to enjoy.

In the interests of research for this blog I ordered two starters…. that was my excuse anyway!  First came smoked salmon rolls stuffed with fresh crabmeat.


This was a huge plate, and tasted fresh and delicious. The advertised Marie Rose sauce did not come, but I was happy enough with lemon. Following this I ate spicy chicken wings- a particular weakness of mine. There were only 5 wings, which I thought was a bit paltry (oh how tempted I was to write ‘a bit poultry’…!) but they were hot, fresh, juicy and delicious. The salmon plate more than made up for any chicken shortfall.


All in all, it was a nice light lunch. Not outstanding, but a good diversion in the day. The service was friendly and cheerful and all in all I felt like the Duke of York needs to be on the Gusto destination list more frequently. The menu is extensive, although perhaps a little light on vegetarian options, and I am certainly planning to go back and try their seafood menu. The Duke of York also provide a good range of real ales, which H-G will be interested in. For today I was sticking with diet coke.

Salmon rolls stuffed with crab   £5.95

Spicy Chicken wings   £5.95

Pint Diet coke    £2.50



3 thoughts on “The Duke Of York

  1. Think I went there many years ago, and from what you say should return. It all sounds good – apart from the Daily Mail copies that is – a more bigoted tabloid I c0ant imagine.


  2. Sounds great to me and I hope that we shall be able to experience it first hand in a few weeks! I am also especially interested in the seafood menu.


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