Devilled Eggs


Whenever I serve these as canapes with drinks, I always get the exclamation ‘Oh, how retro!’. I think people mean that in a good way….. they certainly hoover these up.

This evening I had vague thoughts about having a takeaway but could not be bothered to order one. B-G ate his fish and peas, and I wandered around the kitchen aimlessly before just cooking an egg.

This is barely a recipe. Hard boil as many eggs as you wish. Halve the eggs when cool, and gently lever out the yolk. Mix yolk with enough mayonnaise to make it into a smooth paste, add a teeny bit of salt, a dash of english mustard and return to the egg cavities.

Sprinkle with paprika.

Our cat prefers to spend her time sitting in my in-tray.



2 thoughts on “Devilled Eggs

  1. Mmm – simple but super. If out of paprika add a dash or two of Tabasco, and have a modicum of your favoured wine with them.


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