Fridge Freezer February- Bacon


I have never been so unwell so often since Baby-Gusto arrived. Every single minor bug or sniffle that enters into his orbit attaches itself to him and comes home for a sleepover. So, yesterday I came down hard with my 4th cold since Christmas. Poor old B-G is also unwell, and so we have spent the bulk of the day cuddled up on the sofa, sniffling, coughing, and drinking chocolate milk while watching CBeebies. (And Real Housewives of Beverley Hills).

Despite my best intentions and thoughts of a decent roast chicken, the only thing I can stomach is soup. And so, it has to be bacon, and sweetcorn chowder.


4 slices bacon, diced

1 large onion finely diced

3 large potatoes diced into smallish chunks

1 veg stock pot jelly knorr thing (I am on a mission to be their ambassador so will mention them at every possibility)

2 litres hot water

2 cans sweetcorn

1 pint milk or half pint cream. (I prefer milk as cream is too creamy)

1 large tablespoon dried tarragon.

salt and pepper to taste

Sautee onion and bacon in olive oil. Add everything else except for milk/cream. Cook until potatoes tender but not mush. Take out a bowl-full and blend then add back to soup (makes it thick and yum).

If you want this soup to keep or freeze then it is better to leave the milk or cream out until re-heating the individual bowls. Then when ready, heat up, add milk/cream and enjoy!

This was nourishing and comforting. Perfect for a cold day when we were filled with cold.


2 thoughts on “Fridge Freezer February- Bacon

  1. Yummy, I can remember making something similar in the height of winter and it was so very, very tasty!! Thanks for this recipe as I shall make it and compare


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