Fridge Freezer February- Seafood Selection

Seafood selection 001

This is one of my favourite meals from childhood. My mother cooked the seafood mix either curried and over rice, or as stuffed pancakes. I am going to go out on a limb here and guess that the recipe probably originally came from a cookbook dating from the 1970’s.

This is really simple. Sautee half a finely diced onion (and celery if you have it) until soft. Then make a simple white sauce and add a tablespoon of mild curry powder. Don’t worry if adding the powder makes the sauce lumpy- that is what sieves were invented for.

Turn the sauce off the heat and add frozen seafood and leave.

Seafood selection 002

The seafood will defrost slowly. Then when ready to cook, heat, and serve over rice.


I really love this dish. Pure comfort food from home.

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